The Most Appreciated Survey Product of 2019

Review Matters Surpasses SurveyMonkey & Google Forms
# First Class User Experience

# Highly Rated by Users

# Prepared for the Perfect Results

Review Matters Evaluates Experiences of Your Customers Flawlessly That You Offer Consistently at Every Point of Contact

Ensure Your Listings are Rational & Logical

In case you make any changes for your business like name, phone number or address, it is automatically synced by Review Matters for all 50+ web partners including but not limited to Facebook, Bing, Yahoo and Google thus making it simple for search engines to locate you.

See how your business appears online

Measure Customer Satisfaction from All Possible Angles to Promote Loyalty

‘Scan Your Business’ is a free customer satisfaction measuring tool of Review Matters that has the capability to evaluate your online performance determining your overall report. At a glance you can gauge your reviews, listings and ratings over more than 300 sites and also can figure out how to compete your rivals.

Review Matters assists in not only fixing and amplifying your online presence but also constantly scans and updates in real time.

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Simple But Most Refined Performance

A few clicks is what it requires to design, test and change multiplex surveys without the hassle of coding.

Simplicity is the Essence of Review Matters

Construct brief surveys considering the human average time span of attention. Design such mobile optimized surveys that allows customers to get instant & easy feedback.

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Increase revenue generation through business surveys

With Review Matters customers find it quite simple to leave feedback, thus converting surveys into reviews.

Instinctive Reporting

All responses are reported in comprehensible form in any way either by location, question or over time to clearly recognize new trends and attitudes with the help of progressive reports, surveys and customizable dashboards.

Fasten the Knot on Feedback

The automatic ticketing procedure of Review Matters immediately sends you an alert regarding dissatisfied customers. You can instantly resolve their problem and bring them into the circle of happy customers

Administer Surveys through Every Channel

Get in touch with your customers in their own space. Make use of SMS, email or social media to send surveys with a single click.

Take Advantage of Messenger to Boost Responses

Chat with customers through Messenger to get engage with them and send them text messages with survey requests. Use a single click approach with custom templates or defaults.

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Customizable Auto Alert

Address customer issues in the least possible time with the help of role based surveys and customizable auto alerts for various teams and locations.

Experience the Power of “Right Question at the Right Time”

Make use of logical thinking and branching to ask manifold questions thus creating a straightforward way for each responder to respond

Join 50,000+ other businesses that use Review Matters to be found online, be chosen and be the best business