Increase the visibility of your business to be found easily all over the

Review Matters is designed to keep saving & syncing the business listings for every location across a
number of global partners including but not limited to Bing, Google, Yahoo and Facebook to
make you visible and found by numerous search engines.

Use the Power of Content Optimization

Effective content will get you noticed on Maps and Search Engines. Use the dashboard to ensure
that your business listings are kept up to date by making use of videos, images and business
Attract customers by offering useful information. Review Matters intelligently indexes your reviews on
variety of search engines.

See how your business appears online

Keep track of your digital performance

Get a report of your digital performance with Review Matters’ free tool of ‘Scan Your Business’. You
can observe your reviews, listings and ratings on more than 300 sites allowing you to see where
your business stands in comparison to your competitors. 

Review Matters not only has the capability of fixing and enhancing your online presence but it
constantly scans and updates concurrently

Check your

Review Matters’ free Scan Your Business tool gives you an overview report of your online performance: see your listings, reviews, ratings across 300+ sites, and how you stack up to competitors. 

With Review Matters, your online presence is not only fixed and enhanced, but continuously scanned and updated automatically and in real-time.

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Control & Command the local search of your business profile with

Feedzia generates a customized business account for multiple locations to display customer reviews,
photos, social feeds and all other updated information on the web. Ensure that you’re visible when
customers come searching for your business or other related businesses on Maps and Search Engines.

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