97% of customers say online reviews influence their Buying Decision

Reviews hold power

Whether it's finding a hotel, a place to eat, your dentist, choosing your next TV, anything, reviews hold power

* 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

* 85% of customers proceed to buy only after reading reviews.

Powerful, yet simple

Online reviews have the power to influence sales, we developed effective strategy for collecting, displaying, and monitoring reviews. Reviews that are viewed as representative and credible can be a significant competitive advantage.

people will look at their phones
150 times a day

Send invites by SMS

The average open rate for SMS is 99%
90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes 91% of adults have their phones reachable 24/7

amplify the voice of your customers

Build trust and credibility

Reviews written by those with direct experience using a product are considered more credible and trust- worthy.

Work together

Monitor and Mange

*Notify your team members about recent reviews being published online.
*Have an efficient "Command Center" to provide instant reviews or track new status.

Available 24/7

An amazing support team

Experts dedicated to provide you the best support and customer experience.

What customers are saying

"Effective and achieves our corporate objective for online brand improvement. Improved brand maintenance and better control of our online brand. This also allows us an opportunity to engage with customers"
Tina Jones
"Online reviews are important because they have become a reference point for buyers across the globe and because so many people trust them when making purchasing decisions, Review Matters did the collecting easy for us."
Jake Warren
"The fact that people are willing to trust perfect strangers is a truly amazing, with Review Matters my customers are promoting our services and products."
Kim Smith

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