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Shophunk |

Stay away from this site.

I got a mail from this site to win high end gadgets if i take part in a lottery. But i had to pay 699/- to an an iphone 5s. I realised something fishy and when i dint see any COD option i decided it would be wise to not trust this site. And Im so happy as now i see that this is a fake site just to scam people by tempting them with high end gadgets for free! People please realise that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Nobody is going to give you phones worth 50k for just 500. Please pass let everybody know so that no innocent people get fooled and robbed.

Suhani Sharma

Suhani Sharma

Thanks Supreetha for helping others27 days ago

deepak gupta

deepak gupta

thankx for me also. i also got a message. i think this is fake24 days ago

Jayendran Chellam

Jayendran Chellam

Thanks24 days ago

Shophunk |

crap website dont follow such crap website i got facked the contest of 699

the contest of rs 699 and the payment has been paid by me then the crap confirmation not came shit ****

shamim, ahmad

shamim, ahmad i got cheated16 days ago

shamim, ahmad

shamim, ahmad

please be alerts all. this fake site www.shophunk.com16 days ago

shamim, ahmad

shamim, ahmad

and don't play contest and don't pay online net-banking debit credit card. Cash on Delivery on www.shophunk.com16 days ago

Shophunk |


First of all, I am not their competitor or have any contacts with any shopping portals. Just like a lot of other people, I shop online as it saves time and money.

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1. Their contest is fake. They have not put up email/number of the winners. The names are all self made, and its easy to notice the pattern once you go through them. The up-loader got tired and didn't write state names of other supposedly fake winners.  Contest money cannot be redeemed without spending more money. 

2. Armani watches sold by them are fake. They do not carry Armani certification card. All Luxury hi-end watches come with International warranty card. I own two Tissot and one Ted Lapidus watches, all three have authentic international warranty cards. The pictures posted on the website are low quality and do not show the back side of the watch. They are all Chinese made. I got their fake approved as duplicate by an authenticated Emporoio Armani seller in New Delhi. 

3. Canopus is a cheap roadside/selfmade brand. Google the name and you won't get anything. The T-shirts and shoes are all slum stuff. Canopus Clothing is an international brand, and they never export their products to India. If its a popular brand, why is it not on Jabong/Myntra or other popular shopping portals? 

4. Customer care executives are taught to disconnect the line if customer gets irate/asked to transfer the call to senior/manager. They are taught to tell customer their product is couriered/about to be sent/out of stock. I have recordings which prove their unprofessional behavior. (I have taught customer service V&A and social manners for two years)

5. There are very few interesting products on the website, out of which half of them are out of stock or have size issues. All the low price products are roadside material. People who have class will never buy such stuff, and can easily tell the quality difference.

6. The MRP of all the products is wrongly mentioned as much higher than the original cost. Kingston Pen Drive 32 GB Rs. 1899 is mentioned at a discount of  19% (Rs. 1529). It's original printed cost is Rs. 1590. This is with a lot of products mentioned on the website.   

I am in process of gathering more evidence and complaints against them. I will sue them.

Shopunk: I have screen prints/source code copied of everything. Your efforts to repair damage would be naive.

Shophunk |

The GODFATHER of fools !!!

  Grabbing the money from other's pockets. Laughting and RUNAWAY!

   No replay ; no comments except an automated mail made forever!! Its My Experience!

                                                                       May God Bless you!       - JAMES.

Shophunk |

If its fake website, lets try to bring it down!


i placed an order and asked for door delivery.
they will be sending on 14-04-2014. if some one would like to catch the guy and hand over to police for making such a open fraud, can contact me on if no one is coming forward, i'm just gonna cancel because i wanna get this shit open to the world, but i have no record that i paid so much! please come forward to stop getting fooled.


Shophunk |

a company full of bastards

a mother fucker... hello u fucker i have worked there and i can say it openly that when i quit the job from there i made them loose 43000 worth products as i created the fake acount and fucked those basturds ......there is one sister fucker tiwary he s the dumbest asshole ever born on earth , doesnt even know what to speak and how to work for shophunk ..motherfuckerss..all of them but there is one hot girl in the design department ..i miss her a lot ..i didnt want to quit just becoz of her but those mutherfucker especially that tiwary and anand shah made me do that..i didnt like their face at all 

Shophunk | is best online shopping site ever be seen is mainly famous in online shopping in india, online shopping is a passion now a days which will be complete the thisrty by shophunk, it was mainly popular for their offers which mostly famous in contests, i saw so many people are getting profits by participating in that contest , i have also a good experience with it, my brother was participated in shophunk contest, the main thing is that according to their contest terms winners only get the diaplayed product, but i have a question in my mind what about the loosers? but finally i concluded with contacting them no one will loose their money, loosers will get their money by the form of credit points. buy anyrthing by using that credit points, thank you shophunk happy shopping with it.

Shophunk |


THIS IS THE FRAUD AND WORST COMPANY in the whole world .i think so tis company exists or not. i participated in this contest for samsung galaxy s4 only for rs799 and they guaranteed for 100% money back as points to their website and we can buy anything and i called for customer care and that fucking guy told me tht the results will come in the 1st week of feb. the bullshit no money back and not the phone.this the fucking  i have ever seen please dont participate in this contest .I have LOST THE MONEY   

Shophunk |

Shophunk or Shopcheat

i booked Apple 5c under contest marketing of ShopHunk by paying online Rs.899/- on 17.01.2014 under their scheme. Even i sent several reminders. But it is utter surprise neither confirm  my booking or replying. It is a Cheat site worst then the " Bag it today"  on line marketing site. No trust.

Shophunk |

It happens...

dey all are cheaters anf buying unless it is verified ...dis is d only way to save ur money!!!

Shophunk |

Wrong mesg from pravallika

Hi dear stupd Pravallika,

I think you are one of those stupids who beg money by cheating the people. Dont send wrong messages to the people for Fraud websites or companies.



Do not belive this stupid pravallika, dont transfer any money for online shopings. If you are interested to buy only buy on CAD basis.




Shophunk |

sanjeev bhatt

I submitted Rs899 on 22-12-13 through online transaction on the contest placed by in which i was offered to get a gift & on not getting a prize cash back was promised by the company. but neither any gift was given nor my money was returned to me.many times i contact on the number given by them (8067683698) but no response was given nor they replied on the e-mail id given by them.I hope a strict action will be taken against this shophunk fr

company has fraud me.


Wed, January 22, 9pm – 10pm GMT-08:00


sanjeev bhatt

aud company.

Shophunk |



Shop hunk was sent a meassage to me to contest winning that you get a samsung ip phone just in 899/-.Then I have paid required a amount online by using my creadit card ATM account. but I have not yet recieved any response from shop hunk. However Rs.899/- have been deducted from my account .Pls refund my amount.


Tags: fraud

Shophunk |



I got a browser window while  browsing something. And I was asked to answer to 5 simple questions. Then it said to get iphone for only 699/- to pay. I tried to call customer care to make sure, but no answer for a long time. I tried 3 times but same response. So it should be a fraud kind of site for sure. luckily I did not pay any thing. Please You also don't pay. Who will sell the iphone for 700/-. bull shit.

Shophunk |

I found a Big fraud company in banglore

Every day I received many emails from
# 2/1, 1st Floor, JC Industrial Estate,
Yelachenahalli, Kanakapura Road,
Bangalore - 560062 

Few days back I got an email from - They are offering Contest - Apple Iphone 5 :Pay & get to win. Just pay 899rs. As many people do I paid them a amount of 899rs. Nextday when I called their number (08067683698) no answer from them. Then I wrote an email to but its getting bounced back. Today one person from shophunk call me and ask me to pay another 999rs for a gift. I ask them what about 899rs that I already paid to you. They simply said we don’t know. You have to pay 999rs. I ask them please refund my money back but they replied me so rough. And they directly told me nobody can do anything against them. You can go to the police station.  

I did a little research on their company and got to know they have 20000+ subscriber a month. That’s means 20000*399(minimum)=7980000 every month. They are earning lakhs of rupees by bluffing the innocent people.

They are also running another web site with the same address: 

Seajin Technology Pvt.Ltd
# 2/1, 1st Floor, JC Industrial Estate,
Yelachenahalli, Kanakapura Road,
Bangalore - 560062, Karnataka, INDIA.
Tel : 080-65470358
Email :

Both Shophunk and Seajin Technology is same company and they are running this business with no risk. Please be careful...

Shophunk |



I saw an email in my id regarding a survey ,i opened it answered 3-4 questions and then was asked to chose anyone of the smart phones i chose iphone 5,the page was redirected to the main site of shophunk and i was asked to pay rs 699,and the site said even i do not win i will get the money back as shopping credits to choose from the site.I did not win (no issues not everyone is lucky) then i chose those credits to buy a dress i ordered the dress,the site said that the product will be received within 10 days,it has been so many days i have not received it as yet. i will certainly sue them.

Shophunk |

Shophunk is real cheater and fraud website

All the contest carried out by shophunk are fraud. They never give you credit point as they said. Customer care department is a real bullshit. Even if you follow all T&C as they mentioned you willget nothing except frustration and fraud. Participating in contest of shophunk is real waste of money. Friends please please please dont participate in any contest from shophunk and dont buy any product from theire website.

Shophunk |

this site cheating all customer

Hi Dear Friends,


Please don't believe this online shopping in shophunk. This is one of the biggest fraud in online shopping.


I received a mail saying that Rs. 9999/- Samsung S4 with tab3 free contest.Also i have inquired his customer care number 08067683698 they told yes we will send genuine with Samsung Tab3 16GB sim calling to every participants within 15 days after winner declare so  I made a payment for this now already 2 months over every time i am calling different different guys pickup the call they are disconnecting the call or they told stocks are not available will give different company tab 3 which is cost 2.5k only. i am surely they are cheating all customer who is purchase from this site .Please all guys who has purchase from this site and facing this cheaters shophunk site please update me his mail id with contact number   also please file one consumer case and provide me consumer case number .So I am from Bangalore .I am consult with my lower so i can file Strong action to them on court.Here is my details Please give details my mail or call in my number. I had they have not delivered any items to customer and after some days the collect core and core and close everything and leave


Please be careful other guys with this  frauder shopuhunk site. If you need any more information, please call me. or mail me.



Bijay Kumar


krish krisha

krish krisha

boss plz dont consult with your lower ,consult with your lawyer17 days ago

Shophunk |

Its a big fraud website

I got a mail from shophunk regarding a contest where I have won an apple iphone and for that I just need to pay 699/-.I paid it but still now I haven't received the product neither any response from them.I tried to contact them through mails and calls but from neither I got a reply.Even the phone number is fake.Now my through request to shophunk to please return my money back and my sincere advice to users who think of purchasing from shophunk that it is a fraud site so dont purchase anything from here.

Shophunk |

Shophunk is best in online shopping

Actually i like to  buy products in online shopping sites, i saw shophunk is a site which is newly developing site in online marketing business, its very good, nice experience having with it, best quality products and reasonable prices is shophunk.

best websiteonlineonlineshopping

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